Cast Iron Foundry Products

  • Couplers

    Om Besco Rail Products Limited has the domain knowledge of manufacture of heavy duty Centre buffer couplers for heavy haul trains.
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    • Product Range:

      • Locomotive Coupler
      • Hood and Shelf Coupler
      • Freight Car Coupler
      • AAR 10A Contour Centre Buffer Coupler
      • 'E' Rotary Coupler
      • Interlock Coupler
  • Cast Steel Bogie / Freight Car Truck

    High Speed Cast Steel Plankless Bogie, Light Weight Plankled Cast Steel Bogie, Aligned BESCO Self Steering Outboard Retrofit Bogie (Design Patented), Over ten million cycles fatigue tested at Russian Railway Laboratories.
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    • Product Range

      • Casnub Bogie
      • Coach Bogie
      • Ride Control Bogie
      • ABSORB Bogie
  • Draft Gear

    All Steel Cardwell Westinghouse MK-50 Draft Gear; The first certified to AAR M901E. HR-40-I Draft Gear - An all rubber draft gear that exceeds AAR M901E requirements.
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    • Product Range:

      • Friction
      • Rubber
      • Polymer
  • CMS Crossings (Frogs)

    Material 11% - 14% Had Field Steel (High Carbon High Manganese Work Hardening Steel)

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    • Product Range:

      • 1 in 8½ For 52 kg/M Rail/60 kg/M Rail
      • 1 in 12 For 52 kg/M Rail/60 kg/M Rail